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“This book is a good learning tool for kids who will start a more difficult journey as they jump to another level. It is filled with excitement, lessons, and unforgettable adventures that many children will enjoy.”

Jerry R. Reece, Prospect Plains, New Jersey

“My grade schooler loves this book! We have been reading this every night in the past week. I love the inclusion of a musical composition in the end.”

Yvonne Morris, Freehold, New Jersey

“I want to prepare my child for the unexpected things. This book helped me along the way. There are many twists and turns and exciting changes that take place in the kids’ life that I get to make my own young one understand their imminence and inevitability as we go through our life journey.”

David Clay, Akron, Ohio

Margie and the School of Hard Knocks Level Three

About the Book

Is like-mindedness a primary precursor to living together? In Margaret Gerow’s Margie and the School of Hard Knocks—Level Three, this question is put to the test as level three opens. The kids are going on an exciting two-week trip to China where they will be spending time with other students from six other schools. Throughout the process, they learn history and experience a great deal of it symbolically, emotionally, and visually.

The first day they arrived, Sing’s whole world is turned upside down. The high judge makes his appearance as the overseer of all the schools and gives a special instruction—the kids will have to spend four days with personalities just like them. It is not the only surprise. There is also the bit where they find out why they are called back to the school early.

Level three is indeed not a walk in the park. Changes are everywhere. What more should they anticipate? Discover through the pages of this delightful tale of adventure and learning.

Margaret Gerow

About the Author

Born and raised in Michigan, Margaret Gerow graduated from Wayne State University with a bachelor of science in elementary education, with majors in English and music. She built a career in teaching grade and high school students in both public and Catholic schools. For most of her life, she played the piano. She also taught high school choral, voice, and piano and composed several pieces.

As an idealistic child, Margaret delved into a fantasy world, retrieved her unresolved issues, got closure from them, and moved forward toward the inner peace that had always eluded her. Her journey was one with a range of emotions, with a great deal of love and laughter thrown in through the healing process.

Margie and the School of Hard Knocks Level Three

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“My niece, Sosofly, is flying with us,” said Rightfly. “She expressed an interest in being a stewardess, so we are going to determine if this is the right career for her.” A young woman of about eighteen came out from behind a curtain, pushing a cart. She didn’t look much taller than some of the boys. She had dark brown hair pulled back into a ponytail.


We have peanuts, popcorn, crackerjacks,
and other types of delicious snacks—
chips of corn and some potatoes,
some of spinach and others of tomatoes,

If you like a mixture,
then tell me, too,
I’ll put some bags on the floor
and stomp them for you.


They knew they are all safe. They knew what a comedian Captain Flyemthere was. It was his usual modus operandi when he flew at night. That was his way of getting his passengers to be so thankful when he stopped his antics, they would go right to sleep. The plane leveled off as the seat belt lights went off. “Have a good sleep,” the captain said over the loudspeaker. “When you wake up, we’ll be approaching the Chinese School of Hard Knocks.”

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